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Benefits - Dentist

Benchmark Dental Plans (Benchmark) is an exciting and new dental plan provider developed by dental professionals. Our state of the art web-site technology provides you a "Personalized Image"; which includes your resume, office information, and picture. This "Personalized Image" gives patients a "One-On-One" method of selecting their dentist. Unlke any other business in the industry, you now have a choice in how you are represented to the public. You are not just another name on a roster!

Consistent Patient Referrals
Competitive Fee Schedules
Members Pay at Time of Service
Reduced Administrative Costs
Closed Enrollemnt Plans
Customized Dentist Profile
One Stop Shopping for All Your Dental Needs

CONSISTENT PATIENT REFERRALS: Benchmark’s website provides a list of enrolled dentists, of which you could be included. Benchmark also mails out a provider listing to all patients You have one of the best advertising tools at your disposal to help expand your patient base.

COMPETITIVE FEE SCHEDULES: Benchmark offers a competitive, user friendly, and easy to comprehend fee schedule. This reduces misunderstandings by both patients and dentists.

MEMBERS PAY AT TIME OF SERVICE: Members are required to pay at time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made with the dentist office.

No claim forms to fill out means no insurance hassles to worry about.
Easy access to patient roster and financial reimbursement reports on our website.
Easy access to patient reduced fee schedules on our website.
All this results in reduced paperwork, more time, and improved cash flow!

CLOSED ENROLLMENT PLANS: We can assist you in comparing our plans to those you currently accept and customize a compensation package and fee schedule unique to your own practice. Benchmark manages and administers all your needs for the plan. Refer to our plan administrators concerning a closed enrollment plan for your office.
CUSTOMIZED DENTIST PROFILE: Only on our website can we provide you with your own resume listing your educational background, qualifications, interests, clinical background, and facility information along with a picture of you and/or your staff.
ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR ALL YOUR DENTAL NEEDS: We will soon be offering participating providers a wide variety of dental services just one click away on our website. These services include ordering dental supplies on line and receiving huge discounts, continuing education of office and computer administration training, dental equipment repair at competitive pricing, and dental financing for your patients just to name a few. Please click on this link: Additional Dental Services to find out more details.