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  Guaranteed Acceptance    No Annual Maximums    No Waiting Period    No Claim Forms    No Deductibles    Available to Individuals    Available to Families    Available to Businesses
Our Plans - Family/Individuals


Benchmark Dental Plans:

Provide you and your family with excellent and affordable dental benefits.
Have you smiling and saving more than ever by providing you with the best qualified dentists in your area.
Have no annual maximums, no waiting periods, no claim forms, and no deductibles.

Is not insurance,  but a reduced rate plan;  therefore,  all  applicants are guaranteed acceptance regardless of age.  Your

only requirement is to use a participating dentist.
Will save  you 40% to 100% on per 100 dental procedures. Click on the link  below to see just how much you can save by
enrolling today!

How the Plan Works & Membership Fees:

Join now by clicking on the “Enroll Now” Button. To get a list and description of available Plans, select the state you reside in or enter your Zip Code. A listing of registered Dentists, Dental Fee Schedules, and Member Registration Fees are also available. Select the plan that best fits your needs and enroll to begin experiencing unbeatable savings off most dental procedures from the most qualified dentists in your area.

Depending on the Plan you choose, your Membership Fees may be as low as $20.95/month for individuals, or $34.95/month for families up to 4 members. Your Membership Fees can be paid either monthly or yearly by bank draft (ACH) or credit card; or if you prefer payment by check/cash you can pay the entire year's premium in full. A one-time enrollment fee of $20.00 for each plan ($15.00 for individual plan) will apply. An example of your expected membership fees is provided below:

Membership Fee Options: